English Courses

Improve your English through one of my courses:

  • Basic English - Grammar, pronunciation, idioms, sentence structure and so on...
  • Business English - Learn terms and expressions native to your career, how to write professional letters and emails and so much more.
  • Conversational English - Improve your conversational skills.
  • Travel English - Learn to communicate with hotel, restaurant, airline staff and more.
  • Situational English - We can study English for any situations not covered above.

Exam Preparation

Improve your score on either the IELTS exam or the TOEFL exam.

We will discuss and focus on the following:

  • The basics of the test
  • What is expected of you
  • What the examiners are looking for / scoring you on
  • Strategies to make it easier for you to answer questions
  • How to effectively write the essays
  • How to best to deal with the reading section
  • How to respond to questions and form your answers in the speaking sections
  • Answer any questions you have and more

Interview Preparation, Job Search & Resumes

Looking for a new job, or your first one, can be a challenging experience. There are many difficulties to overcome.

Write an effective resume / CV and cover letter.

Start your actual job search. First, do you know how much money you want to earn or what you are worth? You don't want to choose a number that is too high, but you don't want to choose a number that is too low either.

You have applied to a few job postings and have been called in for an interview. Do you know how to prepare for it? What are some common questions you might be asked and how should you answer them? What should you bring to the interview?


Affordable and Cost Effective

One of the biggest benefits of taking an online course is that they are cheaper than ones held in a physical classroom.

So, what is the benefit of taking English classes from an independent teacher versus some big English company? Well, again. The cost. I do not have the overhead that those big companies do. I do not have to pay employees, rent, and so on. As a result, I pass those savings on to you.

I have worked for many of those large companies and they typically charge their students between $25-$40 (USA dollars) per hour.

By contrast, my fee is $10 per 25-minute class. That is approximately $20 per hour. In addition, I also have holiday sales, which reduce the price even more.

Personalized one-on-one classes

I offer a customized learning experience in a one-on-one online classroom setting. When I say my classes are personalized, I mean it.

For example, I offer a variety of different communication mediums to have class.

I also offer a wide array of course options.

As stated on my About Me page, I approach each student differently. I will not try to tutor a 20-year old college student preparing for the IELTS Exam the same way that I would a 38-year old accountant who wants to learn how to communicate with his/her colleagues in America.


Schedule your Free trial class

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