I wanted to make a video for my web design portfolio. I don’t like the free video editors out there and I can’t afford the
Adobe Premiere subscription, at the moment. So, while trying to find coupon codes for Premiere I stumbled upon an article about Adobe Premiere Rush. I read it and was instantly intrigued.

Rush is a vlogger’s dream come true. It’s a lightweight Adobe Premiere specially built for those who want to create quick videos to be posted on social media, YouTube, etc. There is even a mobile version, that supposedly, has the same interface as the desktop version. I haven’t verified this, yet, but that’s what the article said.

Screenshot of Adobe Rush

Personally, I like Rush, however, after using Premiere there are some features that I miss. There are a few things about Rush that are just lacking.

For example, from what I can tell there is no way to actually save a project. You literally have to export it to your local/networked storage medium. Look at that carefully. I said EXPORT. This means the video is rendered. It’s not the same thing as saving a project, by any means. Also, if you are using the free trial, like I am, than that counts as one of your three free exports.

Also, I can not find any option for creating new transition presets.I imagine there are other presets we can not create, as well.

I mentioned that I am using a FREE trial version of Adobe Premiere Rush. The free trial is a fully functional version of Rush and as I said, you get three free exports and 2GB of cloud storage.

Overall, I think this is a great addition to Adobe’s stable of programs and I will definitely recommend it to my friends whom vlog and post videos on social media. However, it will not cut the mustard for those who want to do any serious video editing. Keep in mind, it’s not supposed to be for that purpose.

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