Native English Coach (NEC) - Homepage screenshot

I was a jack of all trades for Native English Coach (NEC). I designed and built their website, in close collaboration with their founding team. I have written much of the website content and social media posts. I even taught some English (ESL) classes for them. At one time, I served as a mentor for some of the newer coaches (teachers). Perhaps, “mentor” is not the right word, but I answered a lot of questions and provided some “train the trainer” type training. That was a mouthful, huh?

When NEC’s website loads you will find yourself looking at the words, “Improve Your English”. Below that are two buttons. One is a call to action button and the other brings you to their About Us page. In the background, you can just faintly see a video of someone writing on a whiteboard with a dry erase marker. This video feature is similar to the one used on the Vox Verdi website.

If you scroll down, to the next section, you will encounter one of their two About Us sections. They got creative in their use of the “skills” feature on the right side of the page. They used it to briefly showcase some of their course offerings, which I found clever.

Scroll down some more and you will encounter their “team” section. This is a (horizontally scrolling) pictorial list of their featured coaches. If you hover your mouse over a coach you will notice the drop down which gives a brief description of that coach.

Scroll down again and you encounter that same video background, but in the foreground is a list of their course offerings, prices and brief descriptions of each. We were just barely able to get a different color for each one. This wasn’t easy because we did not want to duplicate any colors too closely. Each course offering has its own call to action button.

The next section is a dedicated call to action.

The last two sections are the Contact Us and the Blogroll before your run into the footer.

If you scroll back to the top, you will notice some menu items that take you to some of the other pages. Yes. One of them is an About Us. Remember before I mentioned they had two About Us sections? This menu item will take you to the other one.

For the record, most of those call to action buttons will take you to NEC’s SuperSaas booking facility.

Looking back on this site, now, there are only a few things I would like to change.

  • “Return To Top” links
  • A child theme
  • Either input information for those two contact icons in the footer or remove them completely.
  • I would have liked to have used WooCommerce and a booking plugin like WooCommerce Appointments, instead of SuperSaas.