Update GoDaddy DNS settings to host your domain on another server

If you register your domain with GoDaddy then you may or may not want to host your site with them. Or perhaps, you will be hosting your site on another GoDaddy hosting account. Either way, the following tutorial will show you how to update your DNS settings to allow you to do this.

Step-by-step Guide

  1. Log into your GoDaddy account.
  2. Visit your Go Daddy DNS Management page, which will look something like this.

    GoDaddy DNS Managment page

  3. The first thing we need to do is change the A record IP address the IP address for the server where your website will be hosted.
    We can edit the A record by clicking the little pencil icon next to the entry that says A.


    GoDaddy DNS Managment page - A record change

  4. Now, replace the IP address currently in the “Points to” field with the new server IP address.
    (If you will be hosting your website with me, please enter:


    A record edit page under GoDaddy DNS Management page

  5. Click the SAVE button.
  6. You should be back on the Records page. Scroll down to the NAMESERVERS section and click CHANGE.

    GoDaddy DNS Managment - Nameservers section

  7. Then select CUSTOM from the dropdown menu.

    05 - After choosing to CHANGE nameservers,select CUSTOM from the dropdown menu

  8. Enter my Nameserver information and click SAVE. There are two entries.

    Enter my nameserver information
    If you are hosting your website with me, then use the settings below:

    • Nameserver 1: ns23.domaincontrol.com
    • Nameserver 2: ns24.domaincontrol.com
  9. Click SAVE and then inform me that you are finished.

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